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Peel Home & Community Supports Inc. is a not-for-profit organisation that is committed to providing people with high quality, innovative and flexible care services.


Our service enables people who have a disability or are living with a mental illness, to live at home maintaining valuable connections with family, friends and community.

Peel Home & Community Supports believes you are the best person to make choices and decisions for your life and we as an organisation respect your choices. We will support you to maintain your independence.

Peel Home & Community Supports is an approved provider of services in the WA NDIS sites.

Our organisation offers a variety of flexible services to people with a disability who have DSC Individualised Funding or WA NDIS Funding. These include personal care, accessing public transport, community support, nursing care, assistance with oxygen and/or external feeding, life skills, meal planning and cooking.

To find out more and to see if Peel Home & Community Supports is right for you, please contact us by calling 0487 696 621 or email h.bain@peelhcs.com.au

Our Values

  • A belief that the person knows what is important for them to live the best life they can.

  • Every person is unique and worthy of respect, dignity and inclusion.

  • The importance of family, friends, carers and significant others in a person’s life.

  • Work in collaboration with the people we provide services and supports for.

  • Promote peoples independence.

  • Be transparent, open and accountable in all aspects of our business operations.


Our Vision


People being treated with respect and dignity in control of their own lives regardless of their circumstances.