About Us


Peel Home & Community Supports Inc. was formed in 2014 by community minded people who live in the Peel Region and have been employed in the Disability, Aged and Mental Health sectors over a period of many years in a variety of positions. After talking with several people within the community who receive services, the decision was taken to form a new service committed to providing people with innovative and flexible services of their choice. This service would enable people to live the best life they can of their choosing, connected to family, friends and their community and where everyone is entitled to make their own choices and for those choices to be respected and listened to.


Peel Home & Community Supports is committed to providing people with high quality, innovative and flexible services of their choice, and for people if they choose to manage and direct their own supports, as they know what suits them best.


Peel Home & Community Supports became an incorporated not-for-profit entity on May 18th 2014.

Our Objectives
  • To provide a large and varied range of innovate and flexible services that support people to retain their independence, dignity and be in control of their own lives regardless of their circumstances.

  • To provide services using a person-centred approach where people’s choices are listened to and respected

  • To maintain a highly skilled, motivated and friendly staff team that can meet the needs of each person as an individual. 

  • To provide services and supports to people of any age, gender, sexuality, disability, ethnicity or religious belief and be culturally aware and sensitive to the person’s needs. 

  • Regular consultation with the individual, carers, families, other significant people, relevant stakeholders and all staff to encourage people and their representatives to raise any concerns they may have.

  • To reduce barriers, promote inclusion and participation and achieve tangible changes in people’s attitudes and practices toward people who are aged or have a disability or mental illness, and to build capacity within the local community.

People With Disabilities

Peel Home & Community Supports is a proud Service Provider of supports for people with disabilities and their families/carers across the Metropolitan, Rockingham, Peel & Murray Regions. The services provided are funded through the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) & Disability Services Commission (DSC).

Peel Home & Community Supports offer a variety of supports that are flexible and individually designed to assist you to achieve your desired lifestyle, dreams and goals.

We know that each of us is a unique individual with needs, goals and ideas of what we want to live a good life.

It is important that you have control of your life and the choices you make therefore the support you seek from us must compliment your aspirations.

To provide you with good individualised supports it is important for us to understand a little more about you.

  • Your Personality, Culture, History, Values and Strengths

  • Who is important to you family, friends, relationships, care, neighbours.

  • What is important for your lifestyle, goals, needs, hopes and dreams?

  • How do you think that we may be able to assist you to achieve what you want?