Our Services


We can support you with services that allow you to remain living in your own home;


  • Connected to people and activities that are important to you

  • To retain your independence

  • Direct and control your own supports

  • Make your own choices and decisions

  • To be respected and treated with dignity regardless of circumstances

  • To be included and participate in your community


Our aim is for you to continue doing whatever you are able to do and we will work in partnership to support you with things you have difficulty with.


Consumer Directed Care

The services and supports provided by Peel Home & Community Supports are directed and controlled by the person, their families, carers or any other person the individual wishes to have participate. Together we will explore the person’s individual needs, dreams and goals then work in partnership with them to achieve the outcomes and desires they want for their lives.


All services are flexible and responsive to the changing needs of the individual. Some examples of these may include (but are not limited to):

  • Information and support available in the community

  • Support to live independently in their chosen community

  • Support to live in their own homes independently or with friends

  • Explore and develop relationships/friendships, become involved in work, study or leisure interests

  • Assist individuals to develop their life skills

  • Support an individual’s independence and choices

  • Offer a variety of services that support an individual’s choices  

Assist Personal Activities

Assist a person to undertake and/or develop skills to maintain their home environment & live autonomously.



We providing essential house cleaning activities that a person is unable to do for themselves, this can include meal preparation & cooking.


Basic gardening activities that a person is unable to do for themselves.

Host Family/Alternate Family

An agreement that a person with high complex needs will reside with a family other than their own and will receive support and care on a daily basis.


Daily Personal Activities (High)

Supporting a person with complex needs (hoist, dementia or multiple disabilities) that requires a more skilled support worker.



Support to enable people to build capacity to independently travel or to provide training for a person to be able to use Public Transport successfully.


Group/Centre Activities

Provision of day activities for people to socialise and participate in activities music, drama, art, craft, cooking, pottery etc.


Plan Management

Our role as your Plan Manager is to assist you by paying your supports to providers from your NDIS funds. Allowing you to live your life while we manage your claims, payments and administration of your NDIS budget.


Support Coordination |  Levels 1 & 2

We assist people to have choice and control over the supports and services they access. Your Support Coordinator will work closely with you to find the most effective way to achieve the goals you have set in your NDIS plan.

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Attendant Care/Personal Care

This service is one of the most intimate that a person will request, therefore it is imperative that you are involved in all aspects of planning and design of the support they want. You will determine the time of day you wish your support to be provided and who delivers the support. Peel Home and Community Supports will provide consistency of support staff who are fully trained and will respect your ability to complete the tasks you are able to independently.


To preserve people's privacy and dignity within their local community, support staff will not use identifying signage on their vehicles or wear an identifying uniform. All staff will be respectful of our belief system or culture. By providing in-home services for people they are able to remain living in their own home, connected to their families, friends and community.


Community Access

Community access needs to be flexible to allow for the people’s changing needs, whilst the scope of what may be called a disability is large and basic needs are the same for everyone (need to eat, to pay expenses, to keep themselves and their environment clean, safe and healthy), the different variations of ability and lifestyle needs is individual, so there is simply no one-size-fits-all method to improve the quality of life that the person wants, this will vary according to the challenges the individual is facing. The mental and physical health of the person is important and a range of activities within the community for enjoyment, like going to the movies, parks, zoos, museums and coffee houses as well as more functional activities, shopping, barber/hairdresser trips, visits to a pharmacy or post office and other everyday necessary errands will enhance the person’s presence within their community and can assist the person to maintain their health and wellbeing. Our Organisation will provide community access day support on a one to one ratio with an age appropriate staff person to participate in the activities of the person’s choice. Our Organisation can provide the person with skilled support workers who will ensure that learnt life skills are enhanced and built on with time taken to upskill people as they choose.


Our Organisation will ensure that people have access to the physical environment, transportation, information and communications to provide the person with an equal opportunity to participate. People with disabilities are often excluded from basic education like literacy skills therefore they do not meet the entry requirements of formal vocational training programs, Dismantling barriers for people enables them to build skills and take an active role in their life development. Should a person choose to attend an educational facility, a support worker of their choice, can accompany them to support and assist the person for as long as they choose. There are a variety of TAFE institutions within the surrounding areas that offer a multitude of different learning opportunities for people.

Recreation & Holiday Programs

Our Organisation considers, that with the right supports all activities are possible there are no barriers to the person’s participation.


Peel Home & Community Supports can support a person to access short Community Holiday Programs, so as to provide respite for the Carer, family or significant other from their caring role by. This program would be designed by the person and their support team an example being – should the Carer, family or significant other decide they would like to go away for a few days or that they would like the person to go away, then the Liaison Link would meet with the person to explore what they wanted to participate in during this period, where they wanted to stay, what mode of transport would be used and what are the costs involved.


Own Home Respite

Respite enables people to remain living in their own home. Providing regular respite care can reduce family stress; reduce the risk of abuse and neglect; enhanced family coping abilities; increases feelings of well-being; allows families to stay involved in their communities, helping them identify and establish additional support systems; Increases opportunities for social activities and family interactions; strengthens the family’s ability to care for their loved one at home. When regular Respite is in-place it provides the person with a disability the opportunity to plan trips or visits to places or people they want to see or go, and the capacity to maintain their independence in their local community.


Host Family Services

Host Family provides the person with the opportunity to build new relationships, networks and different experiences the person’s chosen Host Family would provide them with:

  • A home that is safe

  • Food to meet their needs

  • Emotional support and affection

  • Attention to any health needs

  • Inclusion in all family and/or community activities

  • Maintain existing skills and develop new skills

  • Independence, freedom of choice consistent with their age, culture and skills.


Peel Home & Community Supports will match the family’s interests, ages and culture with the person. It is very important that the persons Carer, family or significant other are confident and comfortable with the Host family.


Out of Home Respite Service

Our Respite service will help Carers and families to have a break or go on holiday at their convenience. We can cater for your short/long term breaks  whatever it is you need.


We understand that the person who attends Out of Home Respite may not want their normal everyday life activities to be disrupted therefore wherever possible we will support them to continue these daily activities. It is very important that the person is involved in all aspects of the planning of their Respite, this fosters the person's independence and choices of what they want to participate in and where they go.


Our Support Staff all live in the region, and have a general knowledge of the local areas and are able to pass this information onto the person in Respite, enabling them to make informed choices in what they participate in during their Respite.


Our extensive Staff Pool allows people to choose from a selection of staff that share the same passions as the person and therefore they already have much in common, this we believe enables a shared enjoyable experience for them.


All support workers have current National Police Clearances, First Aid Certificates, and where required Working with Children Card and a Current Drivers licence.